What makes you happy?

People are generally bad at answering the question of what brings them joy and happiness. Sometimes the answer is just what we are lacking. If you always had to take the bus to work, the answer will be: a car. If you are single, then answer will be: a boyfriend. If you are overwhelmed by household duties, children, schedules and meetings, the answer will be: some time alone.

But those desires will go away as soon as you get what you wished for. The joy of driving a car goes away after a while and when it will be replaced with worrying for extra costs and long queues during rush hour. After meeting someone new and exciting, routine and normality will come over the relationship. And after 3 days at the serene spa retreat, a mother will miss her family and her breakfast chaos.

I am not trying to tell you to embrace your unhappiness and come at peace with your condition. We should always strive to become better. Instead, realize what would make you REALLY happy if your life doesn’t have to undergo a major change. That is small changes in your daily life that would add to your well being, smiling and general feeling of being happy and joyous.


Here is my list of small things that make me happy:

1. hugs from loved ones

2. a good hot oolong tea

3. bubble bath

4. warm breeze and the salty smell of sea

5. a foot massage

6. a good hair day

7. words of appreciation

8. de-cluttered space

9. the smell of clean laundry

10. crazy tune that makes me dance by myself in the kitchen

11. finishing a good book

12. a movie that makes me cry

13. the pleasure after a hard workout is done

14. smell of cinnamon during Christmas

15. my husband playing with my toes during movies

16. hot stone massage

17. the feeling of success after something stressful has been completed

18. discovering a new hobby

19. drinking sparkling water

20. browsing pictures of past events


My list can get longer, but I trimmed down to the smallest changes with the biggest impact. We are all different and we react differently to our surroundings, so this is not a formula that will make everybody happy. Maybe some… But for the rest,

start your own list by asking yourself what was the last thing that you did for yourself that really brought joy to your heart.


Enjoy the process and give yourself the little gifts of happiness!

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