What is happiness? How can I be happy? What makes me happy? What makes other people happy?

These are questions that I often asked myself through the years. I had different answers, all from the perspective of the ‘right now’. Well, right now, my life is basic and very different from what I was used to. I live in a remote area of Vietnam where people still rely on horses and oxen to get the daily work done. The nearest supermarket is 3 hours away (by car, not by horse) and I have a wild beach right in front of my house. And I still wonder what is happiness. How can I achieve it? Regardless of where I am and what I do.

I am passionate reader of other people’s quest for happiness. I admire those who live their life with joy and simplicity, those who have a meaning and mostly those who contribute to changing the world.

On this blog you will read my bi-weekly lessons on how I found my happiness.

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